mx3 air mouse

mx3 air mouse with backlight

mx3 air mouse ,fly mouse ,mini keyboard with backlight

1.  2.4G Fly mouse
2.  2.4G Wireless keyboard
3.  6-Axis Inertia Sensors, support somatosensory games
4.  IR control + IR learning for all keys
5.  Mouse Cursor On/Off
6.  Supperts the systems of Android, Windows, Mac OS, Lilux 
7.  Distance of remote up to 10 meters
1.  6-Axis Inertia Sensors built-in
2.  2.4G RF wireless technology, high stability
3.   2.4G wireless keyboard input
4.   IR control and IR learning for all keys
5.   Plug and play, CD-ROM installation is free, optimization and custom designed for Android system, achieve application of intelligent human-computer interaction,and enhance the feel of experience.
Product Specifications
Sensor 3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor
Amount of key  81
Control distance 10m
Battery type AAA x2
Working Power Less than 10mA in the work condition witout vioce input, less than 15mA in the sate of voice input
Standby Power Microampere, almost no power, in line with the European "Energy Star " enviromental standard
Material Plastic and Silicone
Coulor Black
Size 172*52*19 MM  
Weigt About 100g