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new disign mx3 air mouse with rechargeable battery G7 air mouse

air mouse and mini keyboard,backlight or without backlight,rechargeable battery inside


1. Perfect touch, classic double sided, full keyboard curve model-ling design;

2. Adopting low power consumption 2.4G wireless connection, with strong anti-disturbance ability, also with LED indicators to indicate the connection status;

3. Support low voltage work:3.6-4.2V;

4. With intelligent  Anti-shake algorithm to make sure the mouse cursor stable and smooth;



  1. Transmission: 2.4G RF wireless

  1. Sensor: 3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor

  2. Number of keys: 77

  3. Range: >10m

  4. Battery Type: Built in lithium battery

  5. Material: Plastic and silicone

  6. Size: 168*55*16MM

  7. Weight: 100g


    There are 1 double color indicator on the remote controller, that is the green indicator and the red indicator.

    Green Indicator:

    1. When the remote controller is well connected, the green indicator will keep turning on;

    2. The green indicator starts 5Hz Rapid flashing, it shows that the remote controller is not well connected, please check whether the receiver is well connected to the host or not, or the receiver is covered by some metal objects.

    Red Indicator:

    1.When the red indicator on, it means that the remote controller is charging,

    2.Fully charged, the red light goes off.

    3. The red indicator starts 2HZ Slow flashing, it shows that the remote controller is low voltage need for charging.( This case appears 20 seconds, the remote controller automatic dormancy.)